Registration and association of additional users / drivers

Each share entitles 2 users to private members and 5 users for businesses.

Registration and association of other users is done through the profile page of a main member. To create a new user / driver, one must submit a signed signature form and copy of a valid driver's license. Registration of a additional users costs NOK 150, -.

As with account owners, additional drivers must be 18 years old to be able to use Bilkollektivet's cars.

To create / invite new users to your account:

  • Log in to your member pages
  • Select "Account" from the main menu
  • Click: Manage XX membership (Pink Text)
  • Choose either to create (create) or invite new user.
  • Follow the steps

Users who are created / invited will receive an email with instructions to create password for login and to submit signed signature form.

Once this is done, the administration will finish processing the registration. The user receives an email immediately after the registration has been processed and the account is ready for the reservation of cars.